The Many Roles of a Consultant

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When collaborating with clients we typically play multiple roles:

Strategic Advisor/Technical Expert – To help our clients diagnose, strategize and design, solve problems, plan and implement. We provide proven methodologies and best practice examples, and share our experiences from a wide range of client situations. This role is primarily focused on getting the context, content and engagement right.

Process Consultant/Facilitator – To help our clients build the right level of engagement and participation, from diagnosis through problem solving to implementation. Again, we provide proven methodologies, engagement and capacity building approaches. This role is primarily focused on building acceptance and commitment to the solutions and change process. Leadership Intelligence believes in doing it ‘with’ and not ‘to’ our clients.

Coach – We see each assignment as an opportunity to help our clients build capacity (capability plus confidence through skills and experience). We have a strong track record of establishing trusted advisor relationships with our clients, and each have sizable coaching component. We see coaching and change consulting as highly linked. This role is primarily focused on building client capabilities and ensuring knowledge transfer. During our engagements we see opportunities to collaborate with those leaders who wish to hone their skills and build confidence as team leaders.

Truth Seeker As objective third party consultants we have no hesitation in tackling tough topics and navigating potentially difficult situations. We provide direct and honest feedback, and we share our point of view. This role is primarily focused on encouraging open conversations about the real issues at hand and its impact on the desired result, the team or group, and the individual.


Lynn Bennett

Lynn Bennett is a certified management and executive coach and founder of Leadership Intelligence and its Community. She brings both expertise and an engaging approach to strategic planning, organizational development and change management. [email protected]

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