Risks of Working with Small Firms Demystified

Written by Lynn Bennett on .

It is often because of their size, not in spite of it, that smaller firms are able to offer not only a great workplace for employees but exceptional service to clients. But when does size hinder the ability of a company to operate effectively? Are you putting your organization at risk by opting for a small firm?

In a word, no! A common concern organizations have when opting for a small firm, in this case Leadership Intelligence, is that there are only a handful of us. What if something happens? What if we fall ill, get struck by a meteorite, or are otherwise unable to continue with our engagement? This is a valid concern; you do not want to waste your time, energy, and resources replacing us and bringing another firm up to speed.

We understand that this is a risk, and we have a mitigation strategy for it. We operate in a community, and part of that community has conversations about the client files that we are working on. We may not name the client in these discussions or reviews, but we do talk about the cases. This has a few great benefits for the client:

  • You are getting the best thinking from a broader community and access to a range of perspectives and experiences
  • We are all bound by a Code of Professional Conduct and through adherence to this Code we are committed to preserving your privacy and confidentiality as your needs are discussed with the community
  • If something should happen to us, we can easily – and immediately – call in someone else from our community to stand in

What you are getting from the “stand-ins” are people who are both similar and different.  They will be similar in that they hold the same values and operate from the same code of conduct (CMC-Canada as well as International Coach Federation). They will be different in that they come with a unique lens in how they perceive and interpret information. This can bring fresh solutions and ideas to your organization.

There are risks with any engagement, and  we will work with you to dispel your concerns.

Lynn Bennett

Lynn Bennett is a certified management and executive coach and founder of Leadership Intelligence and its Community. She brings both expertise and an engaging approach to strategic planning, organizational development and change management. [email protected]

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